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Zeiss OPMI® Pentero®
Модель: OPMI® Pentero®
Дата: 2008
Категория: Медицинское и биомедицинское оборудование

Эти руководства доступны для вышеуказанного оборудования:

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Brief instructions

These brief instructions are only an excerpt from the
complete user
manual. They cannot replace the detailed description provided in
the user manual.

Key to symbols
Powering up and positioning the system
Positioning the microscope
Attaching sterile drapes
Balancing the system
Central user interface (touchscreen)
Menu structure
Lamp change
Changing the lamp module
Adjusting the position of the handgrips
Configuring the handgrips
Configuring the foot control panel
Mounting the tube and eyepieces
Attaching documentation / coobservation equipment
Adjusting the tubes and eyepieces
Setting the eyepieces (compensation for ametropia)
Setting the adjustment speeds of focus and zoom
OR layout drawings
Exporting patient data to CD/DVD/USB/DICOM
Connecting an external monitor
What to do in an emergency - brief instructions
Lamp change during power failure
Failure of the zoom function
Failure of the focusing function
Failure of the magnetic brakes
Failure of the touchscreen
Failure of the line voltage
Error messages in the data injection system and on the
Failure of all control functions (Emergency mode)
Blocking of individual magnetic brakes

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