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Boonton Electronic 92A Измеритель уровня
Boonton Electronic
Модель: 92A
Дата: 1971
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Измеритель уровня
                                    The Model 92 Series RF Mi!IIvoltmeter provides an accurate
readout of measurements from the low radio frequencies to
the gigahertz region, over a voltage range of 200 jjV to 3
volts. It is a programmable, solid-state instrument of high
sensitivity and accuracy, characterized by high input
impedance (see Figs. 1 and 2), excellent stability, and low
The Model 92 exhibits true rms response for input signals up
to 30 millivolts, gradually approaching peak-to-peak above
this level „ The meter, however, is calibrated in rms above
this region.
Input and output connections for externa! control and
readout are provided by a 22-pin card-edge connector at the
rear of the instrument.
A linear dc output, whose level is proportional to the rf
input voltage, is also provided at a rear connector,, This
may be used to drive a recorder, remote indicator, or other
analog devices.
The 92 offers a convenient and accurate means for making a
wide variety of measurements. Typical uses of this
instrument include:
In transistor testing the instrument may be used to measure
p, fj-, and other transistor parameters.
VSWR and return loss measurement using the Model 92 Series
with bridge methods, directional couplers, and adjustable or
slotted lines.
Gain and loss measurements in wide-band amplifiers,
including such design characteristics as stage gain,
flatness of the pass band, upper cut-off or corner
frequency, negative feedback factors, and other parameters.
Proper adjustment of tuned circuits in narrow-band amplifiers.
The adjustment, measurement of performance, and evaluation
of rf filter parameters.
Measurement of vswr or return loss and attenuation of rf
Measurement of output levels of signal generators,
adjustment of baiuns, harmonic distortion of rf signals, and
adjustment of circuits for minimum voltage (null) or maximum
voltage (peak).
The Model 92 is available in several optional configurations
with a basic accuracy of 1% rdg. + 1% fs„ The standard
features of the Instrument are:
Remote programmability
Measures from 200 jjV to 3V* from 10 kHz to 1 .2 GHz.
True rms response to 30 mV**
Convenient push-button ranging.
DC analog output.
High input resistance, low input capacitance.
Overload protection to 400 Vdc to 10 Vac.
VSWR less than I e15 up to 1.2 GHz*
* To 300V, up to 700 MHz, with accessory 100:1 divider.
** To 3V, up to 700 MHz, with accessory 100:1 divider.
The characteristics of the instrument include: high
reliability, fast warm-up (1 minute), long intervals between
calibrations, plug-in PC boards for ease in servicing or
modifying, light weight, and other advantages of solid-stage

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