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General Radio Company 942-A Другой
General Radio Company
Модель: 942-A
Дата: 1956
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Другой
                                    The Type 942-A Transformer is designed primarily as a
high-power output transformer for a push-pull amplifier, but
is by no means limited to this specific use and may serve as
a versatile 100-watt step-up or step-down transformer in a
variety of applications.
The advantages of the toroidal core transformer^ over one
using a shell- type core are becoming more generally
recognized. Chief among these are the high degree of
astaticism and the extremely tight coupling that can be
attained between windings extending around the complete
circumference of the toroid.
The Type 942-A Output Transformer combines excellent
frequency response, low distortion, high power-handling
capacity, and flexibility of impedance ratios in a
convenient, compact unit. Leakage reactance between primary
sections is very small, to give minimum distortion from
switching transients in conventional push-pull amplifier
circuits. Connections to individual primaries are provided
for use in the single-ended push-pull amplifier described in
Section 7.
The Type 942-A Output Transformer uses the same high-quality
toroidal core that is used in the Type V-5 Variacs, and can
handle peak powers up to up to 100 watts with a minimum of
harmonic distortion.

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