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Electronic Navigation Industries A150 Усилитель
Electronic Navigation Industries
Модель: A150
Дата: 1988
Категория: Радио, Связь
Группа: Усилитель
                                    The Model A-150 is a completely solid state RF power
amplifier, capable of providing more than 150 W of linear
power and up to 250 W of CW and pulse power from ,3 to 35
MHz. The amplifier operates over its entire frequency range
without bandswitching or other adjustments.
A highly linear class A design, the Model A-150 will amplify
of AM, FM, SSB, pulse and other complex modulations with
minimum distortion. Flat gain response permits the unit to
be driven to its full power output by virtually all
commercial signal and sweep generators.
Although most power amplifiers are designed to deliver their
rated power into a matched load, their mismatch. The Model
A-150 is designed to provide a constant forward power,
regardless of output load mismatch. The Model A-150 is
designed to provide a constant forward power, regardless of
output load impedance. Power reflected due to mismatch is
absorbed in the unit’s output circuitry.
Output RF voltage level as well as power into 50Ω is
monitored by a front panel meter. An integral power supply
permits operation directly from the AC line.

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