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Hy-Gain Electronics 2BDQ-S Антенна
Hy-Gain Electronics
Модель: 2BDQ-S
Категория: Радио, Связь
Группа: Антенна
Описание: Trap Dipole Antenna
                                    The Hy-Gain Model 2BDQ-S is a 1/2
wavelength, dipole antenna for 40 and 80
meters. Band switching is accomplished
automatically through the use of two matched
Hy-Gain 40-meter Hy-Q traps. The maximum
overall length is 100' 10 1/2". If the antenna
is mounted in an inverted "V" configuration,
the overall length will be shortened.
The balun will improve the performance and
efficiency of the 2BDQ-S. The Hv-Gain
Model BN-86 is a broadband balun designed
specifically for dipole-type antennas. The
balun balances the input impedance to the
antenna and prevents transmission line

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