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Leader LFM-3610 Измеритель уровня
Модель: LFM-3610
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Измеритель уровня
Описание: Wow and Flutter Meter
                                    The LFM-3610 is a wow and flutter/ drift meter designed
primarily for the service, testing and repair of turntables
and record/playback equipment. Selectable flutter test
frequency ranges permits isolating the trouble area to the
capstan, motor or belt quickly and accurately. Measurements
to JIS, CCIR and DIN standards are front panel selectable.
The unit’s frequency selector measurement feature greatly
reduces the troubleshooting and testing time normally
associated with the repair of turntables and record/
playback equipment. The unit's reference frequency
oscillator is crystal controlled for precise, repeatable
test results. The LFM-3610 wilt measure drift, and wow and
flutter either separately or combined.

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Leader -- LFM-3610 -- Технический паспорт
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