Equipment information:

LeCroy 7242A Osciloscópio
Model: 7242A
Date: 1994
Category: Instrumentos de medição
Group: Osciloscópio
Description: Plug-In

these manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type: Manual de serviço LeCroy-4094-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 313
Size: 133.61 Mbytes (140096737 Bytes)
Language: Inglês
Date: Junho 1994
Quality: Documento Scaned, a leitura parcialmente mal, não parcialmente legível.
Upload date:
MD5: 049c43f02bb69f23d46683dd907a32c2
Downloads: 672 desde 26 Janeiro 2013
This service manual contains information to maintain
the LeCroy 7242 Series Plugin for the 7200 Series
Modular Digital Oscilloscope. The manual is divided
into eight sections as follows:

1.	General Information
Contains the 7242 description, specifications, and

2.	Performance Verification
Contains the performance tests necessary to verify
instrument specifications, including recommended
test equipment and test record form.

3.	Adjustments / Calibration
Contains the necessary procedures to adjust the instrument
after servicing.

4.	Basic Operation / Block Diagrams
Contains operation descriptions and block diagrams
for the instrument.

5.	Disassembly
Contains the disassembly and assembly procedures.

6.	Troubleshooting
Contains troubleshooting flowcharts to assist in the
repair of the instrument.

7.	Schematics I Reference Diagrams
Contains schematics and component location diagrams.

8.	Parts List
Contains Replaceable and Full parts lists.

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