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Tektronix 7403N Osciloscópio
Modelo: 7403N
Data: 1971
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Osciloscópio
                                    The Tektronix 7403N Oscilloscope is a solid state, light
weight instrument designed for general-purpose applications.
This instrument has three plug-in compartments that accept
Tektronix 7-series plug-in units to form a complete measurement
system. The two plug-in compartments on the left are connected
to the vertical deflection system. The right plug-in
compartment is connected to the horizontal deflection
system. Electronic switching between the vertical plug-in
compartments allows a multi-trace vertical display. The
flexibility of this plug-in feature and the variety of
plug-in units available allow this system to be used
for many measurement applications.

This instrument features a large-screen, 8X10 division
display; each division equals 1.22 centimeter. The
cathode-ray tube (CRT) provides small spot size and
good writing rate. Regulated DC power supplies assure
that performance is not affected by variations in
line voltage and frequency, or by changes in load
due to the varying power requirements of the plug-in
units. Maximum power consumption is about 130 watts
(60 hertz, 115-volt line).

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