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Hunts C.R.B. Outro
Modelo: C.R.B.
Data: 1945
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Outro

In response to many requests by our trade friends for a
bridge similar to our prewar model, Type CLR 3221, we
have now designed and produced a new Capacitor Analyser
and Resistance Bridge, including the salient features
of our prewar model, but having many technical and
constructional improvements which will be appreciated.

The bridge covers in 3 ranges capacitances of the
order of 0.00001 to 50 mfd. Indications of Power Factor
are obtainable on all ranges with a direct calibration
on range C2 for use in the testing of Electrolytic
Capacitors. Resistances of 50 ohms to 5 megohms are
measured in two ranges. Provision is made for continuity
test, electrolytic leakage and insulation indications,
with many other miscellaneous applications, which
in addition to the routine tests that may be performed
make this instrument extremely useful to any Electrical
laboratory or Service Engineer. It is proposed to
go into the tests in greater detail in later paragraphs.

The instrument has been designed to function for long
periods without detriment to component life, making
it immediately available for use, eliminating the
time lag of valve heating. This has been made possible
by incorporating mica and paper dielectric capacitors
and dry

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