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Keithley 414C Multímetro digital
Modelo: 414C
Data: 1964
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Multímetro digital
                                    This model is identical to the 414 except that a meter-relay
replaces the panel meter. An adjustable contact pointer is
built into the meter-relay, When the indicating pointer
rises to the value set with the adjustable contact, the
contacts lock and actuate an internal relay. The relay's
SPDT 5-ampere contacts are brought out through an AN connector
at the back of the chassis.
A manual reset button is supplied on the front panel. Reset
connections are also brought out through the AN connector for
rem&e resetting of the locked-up meter-relay.

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Keithley -- 414C -- Manual do Usuário, Cirquit Diagrama
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