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Mitsubishi V28L TV chassis
Modelo: V28L
Data: 2006
Categoria: Áudio, Vídeo, TV, Multimédia
Grupo: TV chassis
Descrição: LCD PROJECTION HDTV Chassis

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Mitsubishi -- V28L -- Manual de serviço
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Tipo manual: Manual de serviço
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Língua: Inglês
Data: 2006
Qualidade: Documento eletrônico, digitalização, bem legível.
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This service manual provides service instructions for LCD Projection TV Models WD-52526 and WD-62526, using
chassis V28L.
This service manual includes:
    1. Assembly and disassembly instructions for the front and rear cabinet components.
    2. Servicing of the Lenticular Screen and Fresnel Lens.
    3. Servicing down to major components, chassis, PWBs, Light Engine, Lamp Ballast, etc..
    4. Adjustments.
    5. Lead Free Soldering.
    6. Chip parts replacement procedures.
    7. Simplified circuit path diagrams.
The parts list section of this service manual includes:
    1. Cabinet and screen parts.
    2. Electrical parts.
Block diagrams of the above listed models are included in this service manual for better understanding of the circuitry.
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