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Hewlett Packard 608E Gerador
Hewlett Packard
Modelo: 608E
Data: 1962
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Gerador
Descrição: VHF Signal Generator
                                    The Hewlett-Packard Model 608E and 608F Signal Generators
are designed to meet the requirements of precision
laboratory work, and yet to be equally useful for general
applications in the VHF frequency range. The Model 608E
furnishes RF signals from 0. 1 microvolt to 1 volt from 10
MHz to 480 MHz, while the Model 608F supplies RF signals
from 0. 1 microvolt to 0. 5 volt in a frequency range from
10 MHz to 455 MHz. The RF carrier can be amplitude modulated
by internally generated sine-wave signals, or by externally
supplied sine-wave or pulse signals. The Model 608F contains
frequency control circuitry which permits the instrument to
be used in phase-lock operation with the Model 8708A
Synchronizer. This provision provides a stabilized output
across most of the range of the instrument, with a drift
factor of 2 X 10-7 in 10 minutes. The instruments can be
used for troubleshooting, testing, calibrating, measuring
standing-wave ratios, and checking antenna and transmission
line characteristics. To preserve accuracy, equipment design
holds spurious modulation to a low value under all operating


1-4. The frequency of the output signal is indicated on a
direct-reading dial, the calibration of which is accurate to
better than ±0. 5% for the 608E and ±0.1% for the 608F,when
the cursor and FINE FREQ adjustments are properly aligned.
Calibration accuracy may be improved further by use of a
built-in crystal-controlled heterodyne calibrator which
furnishes 1 MHz checkpoints from 10 MHz to 270 MHz,or 5 MHz
checkpoints over the entire frequency range of the
instrument. At any checkpoint the calibration can be set
very close to the calibrator accuracy of 0.01%, bringing
overall accuracy to at least ±0.05%. Frequency check point
signals are obtained when a headphone set (not furnished) is
plugged into the XTAL CAL OUTPUT jack. The control for the
output attenuator is calibrated in both decibels and volts.
When the instrument is connected to a 50-ohm resistive load
and power into the output attenuator is exactly at the
ATTENUATOR CALIBRATED mark (+7 dB) on the RF OUTPUT meter,
the level of power or voltage applied to the RF OUTPUT
connector may be read directly on the ATTENUATOR dial with
an accuracy of ±1 dB. When connected to a 50-ohm resistive
load, the VSWR at the RF OUTPUT connector will not be
greater than 1.2 (SWR of 1.6 dB). The signal generators
feature automatic output leveling, maintaining the RF output
within ±1 dB of the adjusted output.


1-6. The R F output signal can be amplitude modulated by
internally generated 400 or 1000-cycle sine waves,
externally applied sine waves above 1.0 volt rms over the
frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, or externally applied
pulses of 10 volts peak-to-peak. When pulse modulated, the
signal generators are capable of producing pulses of RF
energy as short as 4 microseconds at signal frequencies
above 40 MHz, and pulses as short as 2 microsecond above 220
MHz. The degree of sine-wave modulation is continuously
variable from

0	to 90% by a front-panel control. All sine-wave modulation
of the output signal is continuously monitored and indicated
in percentage on a direct reading modulation meter.

1-7. RFI.

1-8. RF leakage is held to a minimum and is such that when
the output signal is adjusted for 0. 1 microvolt, the
conducted signal leakage at any other front panel connector
and the radiated leakage two inches from the instrument are
each less than 1.0 microvolt.

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Service Notes

This Service Note contains information necessary for
replacing and recalibrating the output attenuator in the
608A/B/C/D/E/F Signal Generators. The procedure is described
for each model, using the appropriate replacement attenuator.

This Service Note outlines the procedure for modifying the
Model 608C/D VHF Signal Generators for regulated DC filament
operation of the RF circuits.

The original multivibrator filament power supply in Some
cases caused ripple on the output RF signal from the
generator. The DC filament supply prevents this from happening.

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