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JBL 6502 Amplificador
Modelo: 6502
Categoria: Áudio, Vídeo, TV, Multimédia
Grupo: Amplificador
Descrição: Mixer / Amplifier
                                    The JBL 6502 combines an eight-input (six microphone and two
line level) mixer with a high power, single-channel
amplifier. Simpler to install than a rack-assembled system,
the JBL 6502 is ideal for sound systems for auditoriums,
gymnasiums, churches, and meeting halls.

Each of the six microphone inputs accepts an unbalanced,
high-impedance signal. An optional, plug-in transformer will
convert an input to balanced low impedance. The line inputs
are unbalanced, high impedance, and may be converted to
balanced low impedance with accessory plug-in transformers.
One of the microphone inputs may be internally switched to
RIAA phono characteristics, and a pair of RCA-type jacks on
the rear panel permits a stereo source to be fed to this input.
Each input has its own level control, and the 6502 also has
a master level control and a separate level control for the
headphone monitor output. Bass and treble tone controls
allow equalization of the program source, and a mixer output
ahead of the power amplifier permits connection of an
accessory equalizer if desired. The 6502 also has a cue
switch that disconnects the mixer output from the amplifier.
A meter with switchable range allows visual monitoring.

The power amplifier produces 200 W from 20 Hz to 20 kHz with
less than 0.2% THD. An accessory output transformer allows
full-power operation into 8 or 16 n loads, or into a 70.7 V

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