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Orban 764A Equalizador
Modelo: 764A
Data: 1990
Categoria: Equipamento profissional da música
Grupo: Equalizador
Descrição: Prommable Parametric Equalizer
                                    The Orban 764A Programmable Parametric Equalizer provides
superior equalization in a fully-programmable package. Its
flexibility and efficiency provide all the equalization you
need to precisely define the sound of all audio tracks and
instruments — and, when you’ve got the equalization you
want, the Programmable Parametric Equalizer remembers the
control settings so you can produce the same sound later,
with the push of a button.

Optional 764A/SL Slave units provide additional programmable
parametric equalization.

764A Programmable Parametric Equalizer features include:

•	Four-band parametric EQ with variable frequency,
bandwidth, and boost/cut for precision control.

•	Continuously tunable 18dB/octave high-pass filters and
12dB/octave proprietary Automatic Sliding Besselworth™
low-pass filters that provide full flexibility while
retaining maximum musicality.

•	Instantaneous access to 99 user-programmed control setups.

•	Input attenuator which can be used as an automated fader
or mute.

•	Parameters adjusted with rotary encoders for analog style

•	Digital display of current control settings.

•	Noise and distortion specs significantly better than
16-bit digital.

•	Up to 99 channels of equalization which can be controlled
from one master unit.

•	Memory protected by internal back-up battery.

•	Security code to lock programming controls and prevent

•	Optional MIDI, RS-232, or RS-422 interface.

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1-1	Section 1: Introduction

Orban Programmable Parametric Equalizer Registration,
Warranty, Feedback

2-1	Section 2: Installation

Installation of 764A Installation of 764A/SL Slave Unit

3-1	Section 3: Operation

764A Controls and Displays

Using the 764A - General Considerations

Remote Control, Midi Interface

Specific Applications

Preset Log

4-1	Section 4: Maintenance

Routine Maintenance Getting Inside the Chassis Performance
Evaluation, Alignment

5-1	Section 5: Troubleshooting

Problems and Possible Causes Diagnostic Procedures
Components: Fault Diagnosis, Replacement Technical Support,
Factory Service

6-1 Section 6: Technical Data

Specifications Circuit Description

Parts List, Schematics, Assembly Drawings Abbreviations

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