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AKG Akustische und Kinogeräte GmbH BX 20 Alto-falante
AKG Akustische und Kinogeräte GmbH
Modelo: BX 20
Categoria: Equipamento profissional da música
Grupo: Alto-falante
Descrição: Studio Reverbaration Unit
                                    The AKG BX 20 studio reverberation unit is ideally suited
for studio and O.B. (outside broadcast) use because it’s
small measurements, it’s two channel design, it's unique
construction, it’s low weight and it’s high quality.

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AKG Akustische und Kinogeräte GmbH -- BX 20 -- Serviço e Manual do Usuário
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Tipo manual: Serviço e Manual do Usuário
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Língua: english,german
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Hints for connecting the Reverberation unit into the signal
path Studio Control Desk available

Control Desk without a supplement for fieverberation unit
The Studio is not provided with a Control Desk General Remarks

Block Diagrams showing the various connection possibilities
of the BX 20 Trouble shooting for BX 20


Technical Data Frequency Characteristics

Frequency Characteristics of the Transmission Curve
Frequency Characteristic of the Reverberation Time

Block Diagram

Wiring Diagram BX 20 E BX 20 E1 BX 20 L

Power Supply

Replacing and Checking the Power Supply

Removing the Power Supply

Checking the Power Supply

View of the Power Supply

Wiring Diagram of the Power Supply


Replacing and Checking the Amplifier Required Instruments
and Parts Test Circuit

Specifications for Measuring and Checking

Replacing the Amplifier

Adjusting the Frequency Characteristic

Adjusting the Output Level

Alterations on the Amplifier

Exchange of compatible amplifiers for testing purposes

Wiring Diagram of the Amplifier with add. preamplifier
Wiring Diagram of the add. Amplifier

View of the Amplifier

Wiring Diagram of the Amplifier

Reverberation unit

Replacing and Checking the Reverberation unit Replacing the

Wiring Diagram of the Reverberation unit

Remote Control unit R 20 Removing the Control unit View of
the Remote Control unit

Wiring Diagram of Remote Control unit R 20 E, R 20 E1 Wiring
Diagram of Remote Control unit R 20 L

Spare Parts

Reverberation unit, Door Opened Reverberation unit,
Suspension Connection Panel
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