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Hewlett Packard 8175A Gerador
Hewlett Packard
Modelo: 8175A
Data: 1985
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Gerador
Descrição: Digital Signal Generator
                                    The 8175A is a digital signal generator which can deliver
parallel and serial data with programmable patterns and
pattern durations. It can interact with a device under test
and so provide simulation of a wide range of data paths in
digital systems. Some key features of the 8175A are as follows:
Parallel data patterns Serial data streams
Virtual Memory Expansion
Programmable Pattern Durations
Interaction with DUT
Most logic families
Master/Slave operation
Fine Timing option
Manual and automated operation

24 ch. / I kbit ea. / 50 MBit ea.
2 ch. / 8 KBit ea. / 100 MBit ea.
255 memory segments, can sequence between 2 to 1024 patterns ea.
20 ns to 9.99 s range / 10 ns res., individually programmable
8 Bit Trigger / 8 Fiags
TTL/CMOS variable; ECL fixed
2 ea HP 8175A’s fully synchronized
100 ps delay resolution on 4 channels
large CRT, menu driven; waveform graphics, data editor, mass
storage, hardcopy, HP-iB (*) interf ace

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This Operating Manual contains information required to
install, operate and test the Hewlett-Packard Model 8175A.
(Service related information is located in the corresponding
sections of the complete manual set).
Figures 1-1 and 1-2, show the mainframe, the accessories
supplied with each and those available.
Manual Contents
The contents of this manual are as follows:
Chapter 1 covers instrument identification, description,
options, accessories, specifications and other basic
Chapter 2 provides installation instructions for the 8175A
and its accessories. It also includes information about
initial inspection and damage claims, preparation for use,
packaging, storage and shipment
Chapter 3 is sub-divided into several sections, the purpose
of the chapter is to familiarise you with operation of the
8175A. Manual operation of the 8175A is covered with the aid
of a "Getting Started" section which includes several worked
examples. The section is designed to help you learn the
basics of instrument operation as quickly as possible.
Comprehensive descriptions of all Main Displays, their
menus, edit capabilites and how to use them are included.
Remote (or programmable) operation is described, also with
the aid of several worked examples.
Appendices A-l and 2 Describe all display messages which may
appear on the generator screen during operation (A-l) and
power-up (A-2).
Appendix B explains how to control a printer.
Appendix C explains how to control the disc memory accessory.
Chapter 4 details performance testing of the instrument.

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