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Keithley 617 Multímetro digital
Modelo: 617
Data: 1984
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Multímetro digital
Descrição: Programmable Electrometer
                                    The Keithley Model 617 Programmable Electrometer is a
highly sensitive instrument designed to measure voltage,
charge, and resistance. Two forms of resistance
measurements are included in the standard configuration: a
constant current method, and a constant voltage method that
uses a built in voltage source for greater sensitivity. The
measuring range of the Model 617 is between 1OpV and 200V
for voltage measurements, O.lfA and 2OmA in the current
mode, O.ln and 200GO (up to 1OlQ using the built in voltage
source), and lOfC and 20°C in the coulombs mode. The very
high input impedance and extremely low input offset current
allow accurate measurement in situations where many other
instruments would have detrimental effects on the circuit being
measured. A 4% digit display and standard IEEE-488 interface
give the user easy access to instrument data.
Some important Model 617 features include:
4½ Digit Display-An easy to read front panel LED display
includes a 4½ digit mantissa plus a two-digit alpha or
numeric exponent.
 Autoranging-Included for all functions and ranges.
 Digital Calibration-The instrument may be digitally
calibrated from the front panel or over the IEEE-488 bus.
l Zero Correct-A front panel zero correct control allows the
user to cancel any offsets.
 Baseline Suppression-One button suppression of a
baseline reading is available from the front panel or over the
IEEE-488 bus.
 One-shot Triggering-A front panel control for triggering
one-shot readings from the front panel is included.
 Isolated IOOV Voltage Source-A built in 1OOV scwrce is
isolated from the electrometer section. The voltage source is
programmable in 50mV steps.
 Selectable Guarding-A selectable driven cable guard is included
to optimize speed.
 Standard IEEE-488 Interface-The interface allows full bus
programmable operation of the Model 617.
 Analog Outputs-Both preamp and 2V full range analog
outputs are included on the rear panel.
 100~Point Data Store-An internal buffer that can store
up to 100 readings is accessible from either the front panel
or over the IEEE-488 bus.
 Minimum and maximum data points can be stored and are
accessible from the front panel or over the IEEE-488 bus.

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This manual contains all the information necessary for you to
operate and service your Model 617 Programmable Electrometer.
The manual is divided into the following sections:
l Section 1 contains general information about your instrument
including that necessary to unpack the instrument and
get it operating as quickly as possible.
l Section 2 contains detailed operating information on how to
use the front panel controls and programs, make connections,
and basic measuring techniques for each of the
available measuring functions.
l Information necessary to connect the Model 617 to the
IEEE-488 bus and program operating modes and functions
from a controller is contained in Section 3.
l Typical applications for the Model 617 are included ‘in
4. At least one application for each of the measuring
functions is included in this section.
l Performance verification procedures for the instrument
may be found in Section 5. This information will be helpful
if you wish to verify that the instrument is operating in
compliance with its stated specifications.
l Section 6 contains a complete description of operating
theory for the Model 617. Analog, digital, power supply,
and IEEE-488 interface operation is included.
l Should your instrument ever require servicing, refer to the
information located in Section 7. This section contains
on fuse replacement, line voltage selection,
calibration. and troubleshooting.
l Replacement parts may be ordered by using the information
contained in Section 8. Parts lists as well as schematic
diagrams and component layouts are located in this section.

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