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IOTech Digital488/32 Interfejs
Modelu: Digital488/32
Data: 1990
Kategorii: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Grupa: Interfejs
Opis: IEEE 488 to Digital I/O Interface
                                    The Digital488/32/OEM is a 4 in. by 4 in., 32 I/O line
interface board for transferring data between the IEEE
488 (GBIP, HP-IP) bus and devices equipped with up to
32-bit wide digital ports.
The Digital488/32/OEM’s 32 TTL-level digital I/O lines
are programmable in 4-bit ports as either inputs or
outputs. When addressed to talk, the Digital488/32/OEM
will output data from all thirty-two bits or a selected
8 bit port. The board also offers six handshake lines for
implementing clear, data strobe, external data ready, inhibit,
trigger, and SRQ functions. Its firmware includes a complete
command set for facilitating the implementation of all its
functions. This command set is identical to that employed by
the other board-level and external interfaces in
IOtech’s industry-standard Digital488 family, facilitating
quick prototyping and making the Digital488/32/OEM
compatible with other Digital488 family units.

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