Equipment information:

Leader LFC-945 Miernik poziomu
Model: LFC-945
Category: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Group: Miernik poziomu
Description: Signal Level Meter
                                    The Leader LFC-945 is a signal level meter of service
use for field strengrh measurements of broadcastings of
VHF and UHF television, CATV, and FM radio.
The instrument covers the measurement frequency bands
of the VHF (40 to 300MHz) and the UHF (470 to 890MHZ)
and the 75Ω termination peak level of the input RF
signal can be corectly read by the sum of meter indication
and attenuator setting.
Further when 50/60 Hz AC voltage is superposed on
the television RF signal with the output of the common
receivers amplifier, the signal level can be measured
by the F-type jack for the RF input signal.
The LFC-945 has a wide range of applications, including
the measurements of receiving levels, measurements of
field strengths, TV and FM antenna selections,
antennas installations, directivity determination of
antennas, boost amplifiers gain measurements, master
antenna television distribution system laying, and
home antenna distribution construction.

these manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Including Instruction manual and Service manual.

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