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Keithley 238 Inny
Modelu: 238
Data: 1989
Kategorii: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Grupa: Inny
Opis: High current Source Measure Units
                                    The 236, 237, and 238 Source-Measure Units (SMU)
are fully programmable instruments, capable of
sourcing and measuring voltage or current simulta-
neously. These systems are really four instruments
in one: voltage source, current source, voltage mea-
sure and current measure.
The 236 will source voltage from 100μV to 110V, and
current from 100fA to 100mA. It can also measure
voltage from 10μV to 110V and current from 10fA to
100mA. The 237 offers the same capabilities with a
decade enhancement in voltage source and mea-
sure (1100V). In this higher voltage range, current
source and measure is 10mA maximum. The 238
offers a decade enhancement in current source and
measure (1A). In this higher current range, voltage
source and measure is 15V maximum.
The 236, 237, and 238 will measure very small cur-
rents and voltages. With current sensitivity of 10fA,
measurement capabilities are equal to those of an
electrometer. Selectable integration and the filtering
of multiple measurements enhances sensitivity for
demanding applications.
Both source voltages and source currents settle to
specified accuracy in as little as 500μs. Programma-
ble delay and fast, integrating measurement capa-
bility can provide coordinated source-measure
times of 1ms.
These instruments address a wide variety of appli-
cations, including the characterization of semicon-
ductor devices, and the measurement of leakage
currents or resistivity. They are particularly useful as
source and measuring instruments in automated
test equipment (ATE).
The 236, 237, and 238 provide simple, accurate mea-
surements in semiconductor applications. Multiple
units controlled with a personal computer make a
powerful semiconductor parameter analyzer. Non-
standard tests are also performed efficiently be-
cause of the unique versatility of these units.
Two accessory semiconductor test fixtures maintain
the signal integrity of the SMUs all the way to your
device. The 8006 is a general purpose test fixture,
and the 8007 is designed to accommodate either 24-
or 48-pin devices. These test fixtures can be safety
interlocked with the 236, 237, and 238 to prevent
accidental shock.
A Keithley Model 707A or 708A switching matrix
and semiconductor switching cards may be used in
conjunction with the 236, 237, and 238 for opti-
mum performance in automated semiconductor
measurement applications.
Keithley SMUs are powerful tools for research and
industrial test applications. The short set-up time
and simplified programming are big advantages for
tests that need to be up and running quickly. The
overall versatility is ideal for constantly changing
research use.
The large dynamic range of source and measure
capabilities permits accurate measurement of insu-
lation resistance, leakage current, and dissipation
factors. The high sensitivity of these units make
them ideal for characterizing the electrical proper-
ties of many materials.

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