Equipment information:

Grundig M 72-270/8 IDTV/LOG Elegance Telewizja
Model: M 72-270/8 IDTV/LOG Elegance
Date: 1998
Group: Telewizja

these manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type: Dodatek Instrukcja Serwisowa Grundig-1857-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 20
Size: 1.48 Mbytes (1551963 Bytes)
Language: english,german
Revision: Supplement 6
Manual-ID/Number: 72010 019 3600
Date: marzec 1998
Quality: Dokument elektroniczny, bez skanowania, bardzo dobrze czytelne.
Upload date:
MD5: b1dc7b1a5464afa055b3d963e6ac45a0
Downloads: 944 od 30 grudzień 2009
For these TV sets the Service Manual CUC 1825 / CUC 1826 is applicable.
This Manual describes the differences and the additionally fitted modules of the TV receivers.
The Module List and the relevant part numbers are listed in the table on this page.

Basic instructions for servicing are given in the:
Service Manual "Safety" (Part No. 72010-800.00)
Service Manual CUC 1825 / CUC 1826 (Part No. 72010-019.30)
1st Supplement CUC 1826 /1827 (Part No. 72010-019.31)
2nd Supplement CUC 1805 / 1825 /1826 (Part No. 72010-019.32)
3nd Supplement CUC 1825 / CUC 1826 (Part No. 72010-019.33)

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