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Tektronix TDS 500C Oscyloskop
Modelu: TDS 500C
Kategorii: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Grupa: Oscyloskop
Opis: Digitizing Oscilloscope
                                    The TDS 500C, TDS 600B and TDS 700C Digitizing Oscilloscopes are
portable, four-channel instruments suitable for use in a
variety of test and
measurement applications and systems

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This manual is divided into sections, such as Specification
and Theory of Operation. Further, it is divided into
subsections, such as Product Description
and Removal and Installation Procedures.
Sections containing procedures also contain introductions to
those procedures. Be sure to read these introductions
because they provide information needed to do
the service correctly and efficiently. The following is a
brief description of each
manual section.

Specification contains a product description of the TDS
500C, TDS 600B
and TDS 700C Digitizing Oscilloscopes and tables of the
characteristics and
descriptions that apply to it.
Operating Information includes general information and
operating instructions at the level needed to safely power
on and service this oscilloscope. A
statement of the service strategy that this manual supports,
and instructions
for shipment of the digitizing oscilloscopes are found in
this section.
Theory of Operation contains circuit descriptions that
support general service
and fault isolation.
Performance Verification contains a collection of procedures
for confirming
that these digitizing oscilloscopes function properly and
meet warranted
Adjustment Procedures contains a collection of procedures
for adjusting
these digitizing oscilloscopes to meet warranted limits.
Maintenance contains information and procedures for doing
preventive and
corrective maintenance of these digitizing oscilloscopes.
Instructions for cleaning, for module removal and
installation, and for fault isolation to a
module are found here.
Options contains information on servicing any of the
options that may be present in your oscilloscope.
Electrical Parts List contains a statement referring you to
Replaceable Parts, where both electrical and mechanical
modules are listed.
Diagrams contains a block diagram and an interconnection
diagram useful
for isolating failed modules.
Mechanical Parts List includes a table of all replaceable
modules, their
descriptions, and their Tektronix part numbers.

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