Equipment information:

JBL 5302 Mikser
Model: 5302
Category: Profesjonalny sprzęt muzyczny
Group: Mikser
                                    Owners Instructions
Architectural Specifications

The mixer shall be a solid-state unit capable of combining
six microphone and two line level inputs, or five
microphone, two line level and one pair of phono inputs and
shall be capable of delivering +18 dBm with less than 0.2%
THD. It shall have a frequency response of 20 Hz - 20 kHz,
±1 dB (unbalanced input), 35 Hz - 20 kHz, +1 dB, -2 dB
(balanced input), at +18 dBm or less.

Each of the six microphone inputs shall accommodate an
unbalanced high impedance microphone or a balanced low
impedance microphone. The microphone input circuits shall be
equipped with 9-pin sockets for mounting optional plug-in
transformers to permit the use of low impedance microphones.
Three-pin female XL-type sockets with positive latch locking
devices shall be provided for the microphone channels. Each
microphone input shall be equipped with an input pad switch
on the front panel, selectable from 0, 15, or 30 dB attenuation.

The two line level inputs shall accommodate an unbalanced
high impedance input, or a balanced high or low impedance
input. The line level inputs shall be equipped with 9-pin
sockets for mounting optional plug-in transformers. A five
screw terminal board shall be provided for connecting each
line input.

One microphone input shall alternatively accommodate a
magnetic phonograph cartridge input.

A dual RCA-type phono jack shall be provided to allow
program input from a stereo source.

The mixer shall have individual low and high frequency tone
controls. The low frequency control shall affect output
below 500 Hz (±3 dB reference point) and the high frequency
control shall affect the output above 2.5 kHz (+3 dB
reference point).

A 6.3 mm ('A inch) phone jack shall be provided on the face
panel to allow headset monitoring or connection to an
auxiliary amplifier. The monitor output shall be affected by
both the master level control and the tone controls and
shall be provided with a separate gain control. A CUE IN/OUT
switch shall be provided to allow the mixer output to be
switched off.

For a balanced 600 H output, an optional accessory output
transformer shall be available.

The mixer shall occupy three standard EIA rack spaces and
shall operate on 120/240 V AC, 50/60 Hz.

The mixer shall be the JBL Model 5302.

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Installation and Service Manual

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