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Lexicon 224X Effect Processor
Modelu: 224X
Data: 1984
Kategorii: Profesjonalny sprzęt muzyczny
Grupa: Effect Processor
Opis: Digital Reverb/Effects Processor
                                    As shown in Fig. 3.1, the 224X is divided into 11 major
functional modules:
1	Control Head
2	Transition
3	Single-Board Computer (SBC)
4	Nonvolatile Storage (NVS)
5	Timing and Control (T&C)
6	Data Memory (DMEM)
7	Arithmetic Unit (ARU)
8	Floating Point Converter (FPC)
9	Audio Input (AIN)
10	Audio Output (AOUT)
11	Power Supplies (PS1 , PS2, and PS3)
for	the control head, Transition module, and power supplies, all

modules plug into an 8-slot card cage and are interconnected
via a motherboard. The card cage and the power supply are
contained in a mainframe. The control head is connected to
the mainframe by a 25-conductor cable. The Timing and
Control (T&C), Data Memory (DMEM), and' Arithmetic Unit
(ARU) modules comprise a dedicated, 293-ns-cycle,
microprogrammed digital signal processor (DSP).

During normal operation, signal flow begins with the two
audio input channels. The Audio Input (AIN) module filters,
samples, and digitizes analog audio signals into .14-bit
floating point representations (12-bit mantissa, 2-bit
exponent). These floating point representations are then
converted into 16-bit fixed-point two’s complement numbers
by the Floating Point Converter (FPC) module. The DSP
processes this information and generates up to
four.independent channels of output data. This processed
data is passed back to the FPC module, which reconverts it
into floating point form. To generate the audio output, the
Audio Output (AOUT) module reconstitutes four analog signals
from the digital data stream.

The Single Board Computer (SBC) module is a controller that
interfaces the control head to the DSP. The microprocessor
(an 8080) on the SBC module scans the switches and pots on
the control head and drives the control head displays. It
processes the information- received from the control head
and changes the program running in the DSP. In addition, the
SBC module performs various housekeeping tasks, such as
power-up diagnostics and storing and retrieving nonvolatile
user setups from the Nonvolatile Storage (NVS) module.

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This service manual for the Lexicon 224X Digital
Reverberator has eight sections.

Section 1, Introduction, contains a general, description of
the 224X and lists the specifications.

Section 2, Service/Warranty, gives instructions for periodic
maintenance and describes how to return units for service
and order parts. In addition, it contains the limited warranty*

Section 3, Theory of Operation, including a system overview
and describes how each module in the 224X works and how the
modules interact with one another.

Section 4, Performance Tests and Calibration lists the
equipment required for performance tests and describes how
to conduct these procedures.	l<!

Section 5, Troubleshooting, contains troubleshooting
procedures, including a discussion of the power supplies;
and the diagnostic programs.

Section 6, Schematics and Assembly Drawings,contains all 22
4X schematic and assembly drawings.

Section 7, Parts List, lists the part  number, quantity,
description, and reference for all parts.


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