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Oberheim Matrix-1000 Selector
Modelu: Matrix-1000
Data: 1988
Kategorii: Profesjonalny sprzęt muzyczny
Grupa: Selector
Opis: Analog Sound Module
                                    Congratulations on your purchase of the Oberheim Matrix-1000
Analog Sound Module. The Matrix-1000 is a 6-volce polyphonic
instrument that is fast and easy to use. It Is specifically
designed to allow the musician to play the best 1000 sounds
of the famous Oberheim Matrix-6.

Musicians at all levels will love the Matrix-1000's
simplicity of operation -just select the Bank & Patch Number
and play. But its simplicity is really quite misleading. The
heart of the Matrix-1000 — its one thousand outstanding
sound Patches — is a compilation of the finest Matrix sounds
collected over the past three years from synthesizer
enthusiasts around the world.

The Matrix-1000 provides you with the largest on-board
library of rich, warm analog synthesizer sounds of any
Instrument.The first 200 patches can be customized via MIDI
from a Matrix-6 keyboard, a Matrix-6R rack mount
synthesizer, or a computer equipped with a MIDI Interlace
and Matrix-6/6R editing or librarian software.

The Matrix-1000 introduces Group Mode, a new feature which
allows up to 6 Matrix-1000s to be played together as a
single instrument. The Matrix-1000 has a complete MIDI
implementation, including Patch loading/Patch saving via
MIDI System Exclusive. And all of this Is packaged in a
1-rack space unit, an ideal addition to any instrument system.

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Pliki do pobrania: 36 od 19 sierpień 2017

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