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Epson Stylus 300 Drukarka
Modelu: Stylus 300
Data: 1993
Kategorii: Sprzęt komputerowy
Grupa: Drukarka
Opis: 48-nozzle ink jet printer
                                    Your new Epson printer is a 48-nozzle ink jet printer, ideal for
quiet, high-speed printing.
Your printer offers the following features:
0 High print quality. Epson’s new ink jet technology delivers
crisp 360 x 360 dots per inch (dpi) text and graphics.
 Flexible paper handling. Use the built-in paper feeder to
load up to 100 sheets automatically. You can also insert
envelopes or single pages manually without removing the
paper supply.
 Fast printing speed. You can print up to 132 characters per
second in 12-cpi letter quality (LQ) mode.
Ll Quiet printing. Ink jet technology helps maintain a quiet
working environment.
0 Small footprint conserves your work space.
0 Epson ESC/P 21” This enhanced printer control language
provides scalable fonts and improved graphics capability.
 Compatibility. Supports the Epson ESC/P@ commands
widely used in application programs written for other
Epson printers.
0 Convenience. Drop-in ink cartridge prints up to 700 pages
(at 1000 characters/page, using the Roman font).

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Here’s what you’ll find in this book:
cl Chapter 1 describes how to unpack and set up the printer.
It also describes how to load the paper feeder and print a
self test. Be sure to read and follow these instructions.
 Chapter 2 contains information that you will need to use
special printer functions. It explains how to load paper
manually and change printer settings from the control
 Chapter 3 contains maintenance and troubleshooting
information. If the printer does not operate properly or you
have difficulties, see this chapter.
cl The Appendix includes the printer specifications,
commands, and character tables.
0 A glossary of printer terms and an index are at the end.

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