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Amplifier Research 100A250A M3 Wzmacniacz
Amplifier Research
Model: 100A250A M3
Category: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Group: Wzmacniacz
                                    The Amplifier Research (AR) Model 100A250A is a
self-contained, broadband Radio Frequency (RF)
amplifier designed for laboratory applications where
instantaneous bandwidth, high gain, and moderate
power output are required. Solid state technology is used
exclusively to offer significant advantages in
reliability and cost. When used with a frequency-swept
signal source, the AR Model 100A250A will
provide 100 watts o f swept power output from .01 to 250
megahertz (MHz). Typical applications include
antenna and component testing, wattmeter calibration,
electromagnetic interference (EMI) susceptibility
testing, use as a driver for frequency multipliers and
higher power amplifiers, and use as an RF energy
source for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) studies. The
Model 100A250A can be operated locally by
using the unit’s front panel controls, or remotely by using
its built-in IEEE-488 or RS-232 interfaces.

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