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KLM electronics 40M-4 Antena
KLM electronics
Modelu: 40M-4
Data: 1990
Kategorii: Radiokomunikacja
Grupa: Antena
                                    KLM’s 4 element 40 meter "Big Sticker" has constant gain and
low VSWR across the entire 40 meter band. Its broad band
characteristics and the clean pattern are achieved through
two properly phased driven elements. The load impedance is
200 ohms and can be matched to 52 ohm coax with a 4:1 balun.

Element shortening (maximum length of any element is 47 feet
) is acheived through use of tubular linear loading sections
with permanent, low loss characteristics. The folded-back
loading sections are positioned on either side of an
element-and extended out about half way either side of
center. Outer element sections bear no extra weight so can
be smaller in diameter, lighter, and have less tendency to
droop. Because of the unique positioning of the linear
loading, extremely close stacking may be used with 20 meter
beams without degrading performance of either antenna.

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