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Swan Electronics Corp. 260 Transceiver
Swan Electronics Corp.
Model: 260
Datum: 1967
Categorie: Radio, Communicatie
Groep: Transceiver
Beschrijving: Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier Transceiver
                                    The Swan Cygnet, Model 260, is an Amateur Radio Single
Sideband Suppressed Carrier transceiver. The Cygnet has
been carefully designed and manufactured to provide
reliable, high quality communications in the 80, 40, 20,
15 and 10 meter amateur bands. It provides for voice
communications in the A3J mode (Single Sideband with
suppressed carrier) and CW telegraphy A1 mode. The
Cygnet is a complete transmitting and receiving system,
and it features a built-in power supply for operation
from 117 volts ac or 12 volts dc. A 208-220-240 volt ac
model is also available. The loud speaker and microphone
are part of this complete system.

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