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Leader LDC-823S Frequentieteller
Model: LDC-823S
Datum: 1974
Categorie: Meetinstrumenten
Groep: Frequentieteller
Beschrijving: Digital Counter
                                    LDC-823(S) is a digital frequency counter/timer designed to
measure the frequency and period of a signal, featuring a
wide frequency range (10Hz—250MHz), a high input sensitivity
(20mV rms), and high resolution to 8 digits. The period
function makes the unit outstanding for video tape recorder
service applications. This instrument can be used for
adjustment, test and repair of audio instruments, AM/FM
radios, TVs, CB radios, computer clocks, amateur-radios,
electronic watches, and . musical instruments, etc. The
LDC-823(S) is small and portable. A big bright fluorescent
display assures easy readability of values. The green
display does not induce eye fatigue even after an extended
period of viewing. Readout miscounts are reduced by
zero-blanlang, unit-display (kHz, MHz, mS) and overrange
display. The use of LSI and MSI in the internal circuit
assures reliable performance and less. power consumption.

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