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Keithley 247 Voeding
Model: 247
Datum: 1990
Categorie: Meetinstrumenten
Groep: Voeding
Beschrijving: High Voltage Supply
                                    The Model 247 is a precision regulated linear power supply
with a maximum output voltage of 3kV. The units
consist of a DC power supply which converts the AC line
power to a low DC voltage and a DC converter which
generates the high DC output voltage. Low voltage electronic
solid-state circuitry is mounted on the plug-in PCB
100, and the high voltage assembly is fully encapsulated
for reliable, arc-free, operation.
This stable, low noise high voltage power supply features
front panel digital voltage metering and calibrated direct
reading front panel controls, and a polarity selector
switch. The rear panel features a HV output connector
line power plug, fuse, and a voltage selector switch. The
unit is arc and short circuit protected for safe, reliable operation

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