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Practical Electronica Sound Design Minisonic 2 Synthesizer
Practical Electronica Sound Design
Model: Minisonic 2
Categorie: Proffesionele muziekinstallatie
Groep: Synthesizer
Beschrijving: Keyboard Synthesizer
                                    A full specification keyboard synthesiser with the facility
of instant push button patching

- Temperature compensated oscillators with vernier tuning:

- Two envelope shapers for extra effects

- Stereo output with panning controls

- External inputs, such as voice or instrument, can be processed


The Minisonic II is a three octave keyboard synthesiser
featuring push-button patching of audio signal and control
voltage options. Two temperature compensated log law v.c.o.s
of greatly improved design offer, in addition, facilities
for cross modulation and phase locking up to the ninth
harmonic. These latter features considerably extend the
range of sounds of which the instrument is capable and it is
particularly easy to create close imitations of a number of
reed or woodwind instruments.

Two envelope shapers and voltage controlled amplifiers are
incorporated with the envelope from channel 1, being made
available in its normal and inverted form as a modulation
source. The envelope state from each device is monitored by
a light emitting diode which varies in brightness with the
envelope level.

The keyboard controller is similar in form to that which
appeared in the original Minisonic but offers a number of
improvements. Like the original it is possible to adjust the
register and span of the keyboard but, in the case of the
Minisonic II, provision has been made for balancing the gain
of the operational amplifiers in the controller so that
interaction between tune and span controls can be
eliminated. Additionally, an equal temperament span is
available at the touch of a button. The hold circuit, or
pitch memory, of the controller has been provided with a
variable “Portamento” control so that glide effects of up to
one second duration may be achieved.

In addition an isolator has been incorporated to reduce
drain on the hold capacitor thereby ensuring that an
unvarying pitch may be maintained for periods up to 40 seconds.

A voltage controlled low-pass filter having a passband
variable in the range 3Hz-15kHz is incorporated.

% V.C.F. can provide a vast range of sounds % Integral three
octave keyboard % 23 push button patching system

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