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Tektronix 323 Oscilloscoop
Model: 323
Datum: 1968
Categorie: Meetinstrumenten
Groep: Oscilloscoop
Beschrijving: Portable Oscilloscope

The Sony/Tektronix Type 323 Oscilloscope is a solid-state
portable instrument that combines small size and light
weight with the ability to make precision waveform
measurements. The instrument is mechanically constructed to
withstand the shock, vibration and other extremes of
environment associated with portability. A DC to four
megahertz vertical system provides calibrated deflection
factors from 0.01 to 20 volts/di vision (0.001 volt/division
minimum with reduced frequency response). The trigger
circuits provide stable triggering over the full vertical
bandwidth. The horizontal deflection system provides
calibrated sweep rates from one second to five
microsceonds/division. A X10 horizontal magnifier allows
each sweep rate to be increased 10 times to provide a
maximum sweep rate of 0.5 microseconds/ division in the 5
,as position. X-Y measurements can be made by applying the
vertical (Y) signal to the VERT INPUT connector and the
horizontal (X) signal to the EXT TRIG OR HORIZ INPUT
connector (TIME/DIV switch set to EXT HORIZ, Trig/Horiz
Coupling switch set to EXT TRIG OR HORIZ).

The Type 323 can be operated from any one of three power
sources; AC line, external DC or internal recharge-
able batteries. A power regulator circuit assures that
instrument performance is not affected by variations in
internal battery charge level, applied DC voltage or AC line
voltage and frequency. Maximum total power consumption is
4.5 watts for external DC or internal battery operation and
14 watts maximum when operated from an AC line. Operation
from an AC line also provides full or trickle charging for
the internal batteries.

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