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Philips PM8041 Ander
Model: PM8041
Datum: 1977
Categorie: Meetinstrumenten
Groep: Ander
Beschrijving: Standard A4 X-Y Recorder
                                    The Philips recorders PM 8041, PM 8131 and PM 8141 are
multirange X-Y recorders, suitable
for a wide variety of applications where the relationship of
two variables y = f (x) has to be recorded.
The STANDARD A4 version PM 8041 is a low-cost recorder for
routine applications with a multirange unit with calibrated
sensitivities from 2 mV/cm to 1 V/cm; variable adjustment
provides over-lapping between ranges and zero positioning
over the complete recording area.
The MULTIPURPOSE A4 version PM 8141 and the SINGLE PEN A3
version PM 8131 are recorders for applications in research,
development and education. Both of these recorders extend
the flexibility by offering a multi-range unit with 14
calibrated sensitivities from 0,05 mV/cm to 1 V/cm and a
separate zero suppression switch; which allows calibrated
zero suppression up to
400 %.
Common features for the above mentioned types are:
- strong but lightweight frame casting which facilitates
simple rack mounting
- low temperature drift
- high sensitivity and accuracy
- high pen acceleration and writing speed
- electrostatic chart hold down
- simple and accurate chart alignment
- mechanical and electronic overload protection for the
servo motor
- disposable nylon pen cartridges for reliable writing
- roll chart of 15 m recording length for the A4 recorders,
which is perforated to an A4 format for easy tear off.
- high rejection of interference signals
- zero positioning over the complete recording area
- remote control facility for pen lift and for the time base
functions start and reset.
On all recorders the automatic time-base module PM 9884 can
be easily inserted. The time function can be switched to
either X or Y axis. Five sweep speeds are selectable from
0,5 to 10 s/cm.
The sweep can be interrupted by means of a reset switch
during recording.
Note: This operation manual should be studied carefully in
order to obtain optimum utilisation of the recorder facilities.

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1. Introduction 3 Einleitung 13 Introduction 23
2. Accessories 4 ZubehQr 14 Accessoires 24
3. Connection data 4 Anschlussdaten 14 Donnees de
raccordement 24
4. Installation 6 Inbetriebnahme 16 Installation 28
5. Operation 7 Bedienung 17 Mise en service 29
6. Maintenance 8 Wartung 18 Entretien 32
7. Fault finding 8 Fehlersuche 18 Depannage 32
8. Principle of operation 9 Arbeitsweise 19 Principe de
fonctionnement 33
9. Technical specification 10 Technical specification 20
Technical specification 34
10. Time-base unit PM 9884 11 Zeitbasis-Einheit PM 9884 21
Unite de base de temps PM 9884

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