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Philips HX 2550 Spazzolino da denti
Modello: HX 2550
Data: 1999
Categoria: Elettronica per la casa
Gruppo: Spazzolino da denti
                                    PRODUCT INFORMATION SERVICE INFORMATION
Small-volume brush head
Active tip
Controlled Pressure System
End-rounded bristles
2 speeds
Timer : Red light signal to indicate the two
minutes brushing time
Charging light : When the battery in the
toothbrush is being charged, the
pilot light is green and blinks.
If the battery has been fully
charged, the pilot light burns
“Battery low“ indication : Pilot light is red and blinks for
10 seconds after the tooth brush
has been switched off.
Number of brushes inserted in luxury carton : 2
Topography colour V-shape : blue

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Data: aprile 1999
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