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Tektronix DC 501 Contatore
Modello: DC 501
Data: 1972
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Contatore
Descrizione: 100MHz Counter
                                    The DC 501 100 MHz Counter measures frequency from 10 Hz to
100 MHz, and totalizes (counts number of events) from 0 to
107 at a maximum rate of 100 MHz. Seven 7-segment
light-emitting diodes (LED's) provide a visual numerical
display. The decimal point is automatically positioned and
leading zeros (to the left of the most significant digit or
decimal point) are blanked. Digit overflow is indicated by a
front-panel LED. Signals to be counted can be applied via a
front-panel BNC connector into an impedance of 1 MO and 20
pF or via the rear connector into an impedance of about 50
£2 and 20 pF. The DC 501 is designed to operate in a TM
500-Series Power Module only.

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Data: 01 giugno 1972
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