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Sennheiser Electronic SK 2012 TV Trasmettitore
Sennheiser Electronic
Modello: SK 2012 TV
Data: 1988
Categoria: Musica attrezzature professionali
Gruppo: Trasmettitore
Descrizione: Mikroport pocket transmitter
                                    The Mikroport pocket transmitter SK 2012 TV is designed as a
single-channel transmitter and intended for the frequency
range 450 to 960 MHz. Together with a connected microphone
the transmitter creates a wireless microphone of the highest
quality, its flat construction and minimal dimensions mean
this unit is particularly well suited for occasions when it
must be worn as unobstrusively as possible, as is the case
in film and TV productions, for example.

The SK 2012 TV is equipped with the noise suppression system
"HiDyn” for reducing disturbances and improving the S/N
ratio. Together with the receiver, likewise fitted with this
system (e.g. EM 1036), a transmission line of outstanding
operational reliability and high transmission quality is

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Data: 01 marzo 1988
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