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Canon BJC-8500 Stampante
Modello: BJC-8500
Data: 1999
Categoria: Attrezzature informatiche
Gruppo: Stampante
Descrizione: InkJet Printer
                                    1.2 Features
1. High-definition printing up to 1200 (H) ´ 1200 (V) (when the Canon printer driver is
used) using the new BJ cartridge type (600 dpi resolution).
Three types of BJ cartridges are available: Black BJ cartridge "BC-80", Color BJ
cartridge "BC-81", and Photo BJ cartridge "BC-82 photo."
2. Two types of BJ cartridges are installed on the printer.
Color BJ cartridge "BC-81" is installed at all times, with either the Black BJ cartridge
"BC-81" or the Photo BJ cartridge "BC-82 photo" installed to meet the particular
printing requirements.
3. A new printing process using ink optimizer achieves high waterproofing properties
when printing on plain paper (including envelopes and thick paper).
During color printing, this new process prints after coating the surface of the paper
with ink optimizer for promoting waterproofing properties. During black-and-white
printing, printing is carried out by one of two methods. Either black ink, then ink
optimizer and then black ink again are discharged, or black ink followed by ink
optimizer is discharged. The ink optimizer is discharged from Black BJ cartridge
4. HQ mode: 213 cps (10 kHz discharge, bi-directional printing), HS mode: 683 cps (8
kHz discharge, bi-directional printing)
5. There is no paper thickness selection lever due to the automatic paper thickness
adjustment mechanism (moving platen).
6. Flapper unit prevents contact between paper currently being printed and printed
paper on the paper output tray.
7. IEEE1284-compatible bi-directional parallel interface (ECP mode, nibble mode,
compatibility mode: Default is nibble mode and RS-422 interface for the Macintosh.
The parallel interface and the interface for the Macintosh can be automatically
8. "Ink out" and "no ink tank" are detected by optical ink sensor.
9. Ink tanks can be removed from the installed BJ cartridges on the carriage, allowing
empty ink tanks to be replaced.
10. Canon's first bubble jet printer to have a built-in cassette (1st cassette) ; an
optional 2nd cassette can be attached.
11. There is only one built-in printer control mode, the Canon extended mode (native
mode). In this mode, print signals are sent from the host computer after they have
been converted to Canon extended mode by the Canon printer driver. Emulation
mode is not supported.
Printing processes using the ink optimizer are applied in both black-andwhite
and color printing in printing modes other than draft mode when the
paper type is set to plain paper, envelope, or thick paper on the printer
driver. The ink optimizer is not discharged when the paper type is set to
special paper or film on the printer driver.
The "ink out detection" function detects running out of ink and displays
an error before printing becomes defective (e.g. faint printing) due to lack
of ink.

Questi manuali sono disponibili per l'attrezzatura di cui sopra:

Canon -- BJC-8500 -- Manuale di servizio
Nome del file: Canon-806-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Tipo manuale: Manuale di servizio
Pagine: 215
Dimensioni: 7.38 Mbytes (7735723 Bytes)
Lingua: Inglese
Revisione: 0
Manuale-ID/numero: QY8-1356-000
Data: marzo 1999
Qualità: Documento elettronico, senza ricerca, molto ben leggibile.
Data di aggiunta:
MD5: 25c534dd74d4cd6c18b06c8a9d01b375
Downloads: 295 dal 27 giugno 2008
This manual is divided into five parts containing the information required for servicing the BJC-
8500 printer.
Part 1: Safety and Precautions
This part contains information on how to service the unit safely. It is very important, and
must be read.
Part 2: Product Specifications
This part outlines the product and its specifications.
Part 3: Operating Instructions
This part explains how to operate the unit properly, how to set it up properly, and how
use the service mode.
Part 4: Technical Reference
This part outlines the unit operation giving a technically.
Part 5: Maintenance
This part explains maintenance of the unit. It includes details of disassembly/assembly,
adjustments required when assembling, troubleshooting procedures, and wiring/circuit
diagrams, etc.
This manual does not contain complete information required for
disassembling and assembling the BJC-8500 printer. Please also refer to the
separate Parts Catalog.
This printer prints various ink and plain paper ink optimizer (except in the
draft mode when plain paper, envelope or thick paper is selected). This plain
paper ink optimizer is an almost transparent, colorless liquid.
For convenience, this manual sometimes refers to the plain paper ink
optimizer simply as "ink optimizer" and the combination of ink and plain
paper ink optimizer as "ink."
This manual also refers to the BJ cartridge and print head (head) as the one
and same thing.
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