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Dranetz Engineering Laboratories Inc. 646-1 Analyzer
Dranetz Engineering Laboratories Inc.
Modello: 646-1
Data: 1985
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Analyzer
Descrizione: Power line Disturbance Analyzer
                                    The Models 646-1 and 646-3 are portable instruments designed
to monitor the quality of ac power being supplied to
sensitive electronic equipment. These units operate by
continually measuring the voltages at their inputs, and then
reporting any unusual occurrences (such as drop-outs and
high voltages which sometimes occur during severe
1.3.1	Disturbance Reporting

A disturbance is reported whenever the measured value falls
outside "normal" (outside the programmable high or low limit).

For example: A Series 646 may be programmed to report
whenever the line voltage falls below 105 V ac or rises
above 125 V ac, Each time a disturbance is detected, a
detailed printout describing the event is generated. This
printout includes the time, date, amplitude, and duration of
the disturbance.

Questi manuali sono disponibili per l'attrezzatura di cui sopra:

Dranetz Engineering Laboratories Inc. -- 646-1 -- Manuale d'uso
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This manual consists of two volumes labeled Volume 1
(Operator’s manual) and Volume 2 (Service manual). You are
reading Volume 1 which is divided into three sections:




This manual contains the operating instructions and
specifications for the Series 646 Power Line Disturbance
Analyzer. (See Figure 1-1 on the adjoining page for a
photograph of the unit.) There are two models in this
series: the Model 646-1 (single-phase), and the Model 646-3
(three-phase). The terms "646” and "Series 646" will be used
when discussing features common to both models. 
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