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Anritsu MS4662A Rete Analizzatore
Modello: MS4662A
Data: 1988
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Rete Analizzatore
                                    The MS4661A/E include a built-in transmission/reflection
test set (bridge), making them ideal for measuring antennas and
passive devices (filters, attenuators, switches, cables)
where the input
and output impedances are nearly equal. The MS4662A also has an
S-parameter test set. In addition to measuring active
devices with different
input and output characteristics (such as amplifiers), it
forward and reverse direction characteristics with a single
You can choose the model best suited to your application.
The MS4661A and MS4662A has color LCD displays, while the
MS4661E has an EL display (monochrome).
The high-speed synthesizer and DSP (digital signal
processor) permit
measurements at 400 μs/point (or 600 μs/point using two-port
with sweep times approximating real-time measurement.
Post-measurement data analysis is facilitated by unique
such as limit tests, 3 dB bandwidth searches, and ripple
searches for
device evaluation and pass/fail identification. With PTA
(Personal Test
Automation) capability as standard, it is easy to configure ATE
(Automated Test Equipment) systems.
• Built-in transmission/reflection measurement, and
S-parameter test set
• Full range of limit test functions for real-time pass/fail
• One-touch measurement of each characteristic using target data
search function
• Time domain analysis

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Operation Manual Volume 1
Panel Operations

This manual is divided into 12 chapters and three
appendixes. A brief description of each of the chapters is
given below.
Chapter	Description
Chapter 1 General	Product overview, organization of
documentation, standard analyzer configuration, options,
application components and peripherals, and standards.
Chapter 2 Preparations	Preparations to be completed before
starting to use (turning on) the unit.
Chapter 3 Basic  Operating  Instructions	Basic operating
instructions for first-time users of the MS4662A.
Chapter 4 Selecting  Methods of Displaying Measurement Data
Methods of selecting data types for measurement data and the
corresponding graph formats, and displaying the graphs at
optimal positions on screen, and marker function.
Chapter 5 Selecting  Measurement  Parameters	Selecting
measurement parameters with the FREQ, SWEEP, PORT POWER, and
AVG keys in the MEASURE section.
Chapter 6 Package Functions	Functions designed to simplify
the workflow of measurement, such as displaying titles,
setting dates and times, changing measurement points, and
isolating and calculating characteristic points in traced
Chapter 7 Limit Testing Function	Evaluation of measurement
results as PASS or FAIL.
Chapter 8 Hard-Copying and Save/Recall Functions	Copy
function that hard-copies display images to printers or
plotters, and PMC file save/recall functions.
Chapter 9 Calibrating  Measurement  Values	Explanations of
the methods of calibrating measurement values, and practical
examples (X-S method, single-port OSL method, two-port OSL
method, and single-path two-port method).
Chapter 10 Testing	Typical examples of S-parameter and
time-domain measurement.
Chapter 11 Unit  Performance  Testing	Instruments and
apparatus needed to executed MS4662A performance testing,
their setup, and performance testing procedures
Chapter 12 Storage and  Transportation	Daily care, long-term
storage, and repacking and transportation
Appendixes AtoC	Appendix C contains foldout front and rear
panel views at the end of the VOLUME.  Open the foldouts to
read this manual while observing the uanel
	operator side.

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Operation Manual Volume 2
GPIB Remote Control


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