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Wavetek 166 Générateur
Modèle: 166
Date: 1978
Catégorie: Mètres
Groupe: Générateur
Description: 50 MHz Pulse/Function Generator
                                    • 0.0001 Hz to 50 MHz Range
• 30 Volt Peak-To-Peak Output
• Lin/Log Sweep Plus AM and FM
• Pulse Width and Transition Time Control
• Independent Pulse Width and Rate

Pulse and Functions
The Model 166 Pulse/Function Generator fills your
requirement for a truly versatile laboratory instrument. It
is a swept sine, square and triangle function generator for
your analog applications and a pulse generator with width
and transition control for your digital testing
requirements. And for all its versatility, the Model
166controls, clustered for function, are readily
understandable and direct-acting.
0.0001 Hz to 50 MHz Range
The frequency range of 0.0001 Hz to
50 MHz gives you the frequency and repetition rates in
greater ranges than normally found in function or pulse
generators alone. The sine, triangle, square, haverwave and
ramp waveforms and the pulses can be output in a variety of
mode of triggering and sweep.
You can tailor Model 166 pulses for your testing
requirements. Pulses are fully shape controlled in
amplitude, width and transition times. Simultaneously with
the variable pu Ise output, TTL and TTL pu Ise out- puts
give you automatic logic-
compatible pulses. An external width mode lets you
reconstruct external pulses for logic conversion or noise
AM and FM
To round out the versatility of the Model 166, the output
pulse as well as the functions can be amplitude and
frequency modulated with an AC signal or amplitude and
frequency controlled with a remote DC signal. Amplitude
modulation can be to 200% for suppressed carrier operation.

Ces manuels sont disponibles pour les équipements ci-dessus :

Type manuel: Service et Manuel de l'utilisateur Wavetek-392-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 69
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Table of Contents
- General Description
- Initial Preparation
- Operation
- Circuit Description
- Calibration
- Troubleshooting
- Parts and Schematics

Type manuel: Service et Manuel de l'utilisateur Wavetek-2748-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 69
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