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Hewlett Packard 8556A
Hewlett Packard
Modèle: 8556A
Catégorie: Mètres
Description: Spectrum Analyzer LF Section
                                    The Hewlett-Packard Model 8556A Spectrum Analyzer LF Section
covers the frequency range from 20 Hz to 300 kHz. When it is
combined with an IF Section and a Display Section it
functions as the tuning section of a low frequency spectrum

The analyzer electronically scans input signals and displays
their frequency and amplitude on a CRT. The horizontal,
x-axis, is calibrated in units of frequency and the
vertical, y-axis, is calibrated in absolute units of voltage
(jiV, mV, dBV) or power (dBm). Therefore, absolute and
relative measurements of both amplitude and frequency can be

Ces manuels sont disponibles pour les équipements ci-dessus :

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Pages: 85
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SECTION n, INSTALLATION, provides information relative to
incoming inspection, power requirements, mounting, packing,
shipping, etc.

SECTION III, OPERATION, provides information relative to
operating the instrument.

SECTION IV, PERFORMANCE TESTS, provides information required
to ascertain that the instrument is performing in accordance
with published specifications.

SECTION V, ADJUSTMENTS, provides information required to
properly adjust and align the instrument after repairs are made.

SECTION VI, REPLACEABLE PARTS, provides ordering information
for all replaceable parts and assemblies.

SECTION VII, MANUAL CHANGES, normally will contain no
relevant information in the original issue of a manual. This
section is reserved to provide back-dating and updating
information in manual revisions or reprints.

SECTION VIII, SERVICE, includes all information required to
repair the instrument.

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