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Swan Electronics Corp. TV-2C Convertisseur
Swan Electronics Corp.
Modèle: TV-2C
Catégorie: Radio et des communications
Groupe: Convertisseur
                                    The Swan Model TV-2C is a crystal controlled transmitting
and receiving converter for the 2 meter band designed to
operate with Swan Transceivers, Models 250, 250C, 350, 350C
400, 500, 500C, and 500CX. The 20 meter band has been
chosen as the standard intermediate frequency, (I.F.),
since it will provide excellent stability and frequency
readout. However, the TV-2C is also available with its
I.F. range in the 15 meter, 10 meter, or 6 meter amateur
bands. The various I.F. ranges may be ordered through
Swan dealers, or when required, the TV-2C may be quite
easily modified for a different I.F. range.

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Swan Electronics Corp. -- TV-2C -- Service et Manuel de l'utilisateur
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