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Philips HQ 3865/B Rasoir
Model: HQ 3865/B
Date: 1999
Category: Appareils électroniques domestiques
Group: Rasoir
Description: NiCd Shavers
The Nudos shavers with NiCd cells can be recharged
in 30 minutes by means of a Fly Back Self Oscillating
Power Supply (SOPS).
This electronic circuit enables cells to be recharged at
100-240 V .
It is possible to shave directly from the mains,
provided the voltage exceeds 100V .
The on/off slide has a locking device, which prevents
the shaver from being switched on accidentally.
Leaving it connected to the mains after it is fully
charged will not damage the shaver.
However, the life of the cells may be shortened if the
shaver is kept permanently connected.
If the shaver is kept in the case when charging, make
sure that the lid is open to prevent overheating.

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