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Tektronix TPS2000 Series Oscilloscopes
Modèle: TPS2000 Series
Catégorie: Mètres
Groupe: Oscilloscopes
Description: Digital Storage Oscilloscope
                                    Battery powered or line powered
Two rechargeable battery packs (second battery pack optional)
Independently isolated channels with no shared common ground
Floating measurements
TPS2PWR1 Power Analysis Application software (optional)
Support for compatible voltage probes and current probes
Context-sensitive help system
Color LCD display
Selectable 20 MHz bandwidth limit
2500 point record length for each channel
Autoranging for quick set up and hands-free operation
Probe Check Wizard
Cursors with readouts
Trigger frequency readout
Eleven automatic measurements
Waveform averaging and peak detection
Dual time base
Math functions: +, - and × operations
Math Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
Pulse Width trigger capability
Video trigger capability with line-selectable triggering
External trigger
Setup and waveform storage
Removable mass storage
Variable persistence display
RS-232 and Centronics ports
OpenChoice PC Communications software
User interface in ten user-selectable languages

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Tektronix -- TPS2000 Series -- manuel de réparation
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Type manuel: manuel de réparation
Pages: 118
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Langue: Anglais
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Tektronix -- TPS2000 Series -- Manuel de l'utilisateur
Nom de fichier: Tektronix-2537-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Type manuel: Manuel de l'utilisateur
Pages: 346
Taille: 1,018.14 Kbytes (1042580 Bytes)
Langue: Anglais
Numéro d’identification: 071-1075-04
Qualité: Électronique de documents, numérisation sans, bien lisible.
Télécharger date:
MD5: ed3d41eb24ab886fd29ccaf2b4608edd
Téléchargements: 1670 depuis 18 juin 2011
Programmer Manual

This document supports:
- TPS2000 Series instruments, any version.
- TDS1000B and TDS2000B Series instruments,
any version.
- TDS2CM or TDS2CMA, any version, when
used in TDS1000 or TDS2000 Series instruments,
any version.
- TDS2MEM any version, when used in most
TDS1000 or TDS2000 Series instruments (except
TDS1001 and TDS2004 models), any version.
- TDS2CM, TDS2CMA, or TDS2MM any
version, when used in a TDS224 instrument, any
- TDS2CM or TDS2CMA version CMV:v1.04
and above, or TDS2MM any version, when used
in TDS210 and TDS220 instruments with
FV:v1.09 and above.
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