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Analogic 2020 Générateur
Modèle: 2020
Catégorie: Mètres
Groupe: Générateur
Description: Polynomial Waveform Synthesizer
                                    There are four basic modes by which the 2020 formulates its
output signal:

1.	Standard Modes; by which classical waveshapes such as
square, pulse, sine, triangle, sawtooth, etc. are readily

2.	Polynomial Mode; by which waveshapes are generated from
user supplied mathematical expressions of the form Y = f(t).
User expressions of this form can be named and stored in
internal nonvolatile memory.

3.	Real World waveforms can be captured (digitized) on the
Data Precision Model “6000” Waveform Analyzer and downloaded
to the “2020” for replication without the need for an
additional controller.

4.	Predetermined digital pattern data can be down-loaded
from any intelligent host (via IEEE-488 or RS232) for analog
generation by the “2020”.

Note: item 3, above, requires the normal or high speed GPIB
488 option and Item 4 requires the same option or the RS232
option. Other options include a math co-processor to speed
the execution of item 2 above, as well as output memory size
options and additional non-volatile memory. To determine the
installed options, key in the sequence [2nd] [OP] [7]
[ENTER] and scroll through the displayed text with the DOWN
CURSOR key. Press [RESTORE] to exit the review of installed

Ces manuels sont disponibles pour les équipements ci-dessus :

Type manuel: Manuel de l'utilisateur Analogic-9664-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 100
Taille: 3.38 Mbytes (3539871 Bytes)
Langue: Anglais
Révision: A
Numéro d’identification: 82-5016
Qualité: Document scanné, la lecture en partie mal, en partie illisible.
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MD5: 552c4ac899c8b4fee0f4f5ae3c4b15d4
Téléchargements: 90 depuis 15 octobre 2017
This manual covers the DATA PRECISION model “2020” Signal
Generator including a sub-set model “2000”. The model “2000”
differs from the “2020” in that it is for remote operation
only (no key panel or display), and it does not communicate
with the DATA PRECISION model “6000” Waveform Analyzer. For
additional details on the model “2000”, refer to the “2000”
Section (sec. F) of this manual.

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