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EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc. 240 Multimètre analogique
EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc.
Modèle: 240
Catégorie: Mètres
Groupe: Multimètre analogique
Description: Solid State FET TVM
                                    Designed for on the bench, and in the field use, the Model
240 Solid-State FET TVM reflects the most up-to-date use of
semiconductor circuitry. While eminently suited for
servicing vacuum- tube equipment, this modern TVM is
especially applicable to semiconductor circuit testing. The
low 1-volt d, c. full scale enables you to accurately read
voltages as low as . 02 volt d. c. while giving good
indications down to , 01 volt. Direct readings may be made
to 1000 volts d. c., and with the addition of an HVP probe
{not supplied), readings can be extended to 30,000 volts d.c.
The 1-volt full scale is a necessity in most semiconductor
circuits, where the difference of a few millivolts -- easily
read on the Model 240 -- may indicate if a transistor
circuit is operating properly.
At the other end of the d.c. spectrum, the addition of the
HVP probe enables accurate setting of the EHT (25,000 volts)
required for best operation of a color cathode-ray tube.
The seven a.c. ranges cover the complete gamut of
alternating voltage measurements from 1-volt r. m. s. (full
scale) to 1000-volts r. m. s. full scale. The meter scales
are calibrated in both r. m.s. and peak-to-peak to enable
accurate conversions. Covering the frequency range from 25Hz
to over 2 MHz, you can perform most required a. c.
measurements with the a.c. portion of the 240,
Seven ohmmeter ranges are available to read up to 1000
megohms. A low voltage is used in the ohmmeter section to
avoid accidental damage to semiconductors in the equipment
under test. However, this voltage is high enough for use in
testing both diodes and transistors.
Adding to the versatility of the 240 is the use of the
EICO-exclusive Uniprobe. Here, only one probe with a
fingertip control is used for all functions. Further
refinements include the use of 1% tolerance resistors to
insure maximum circuit accuracy, a meter scale with a
zero-center for FM detector alignment, one zero adjustment
for all functions, and a transformer-powered supply using a
silicon rectifier and zener regulation particularly suitable
for bench operation. Internal batteries can be switched in
to make the Model 240 completely independent of the power line.
A modern FET-input semiconductor, differential amplifier,
tight voltage regulation, and close-tolerance resistors
assure stability and accuracy on all ranges. No warm up is
required, the circuit does not ’’age", and the FET input
circuit is completely protected by fast-acting semiconductor
Besides its impressive electrical specifications, the Model
240 is extremely well-constructed and features the
"professional look” that has been acclaimed by servicemen
and industry.

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