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Hy-Gain AV-12AVQ Antena
Modelo: AV-12AVQ
Categoría: Radio, Comunicación
Grupo: Antena
Descripción: Triband HF Vertical 10, 15, 20-Meter
                                    This vertical antenna is designed for operation
on 10, 15 and 20 meters. It is designed to
work against earth ground or a radial ground
system. When used in conjunction with a
resonant radial system, the vertical antenna
becomes very efficient with a low angle of
radiation and excels in DX communications.
A simulated radial ground system (Model 14
RMQ, Order No. 184) is available from your
Hy-Gain dealer. This manual tells you how to
construct your own radial system. The
12AVQ-S now features stainless steel
hardware for all electrical and most
mechanical connections.
NOTE: If you mount the antenna, then find the
roof space is too small for the radial system,
you can droop the radials over the roof at
almost any angle without seriously changing
the performance of the antenna.

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Hy-Gain -- AV-12AVQ -- Manual del usuario
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