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LeCroy 9400A Osciloscopio
Modelo: 9400A
Fecha: 1990
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Osciloscopio
Descripción: Digital Oscilloscope
                                    The LeCroy 9400A Digital Oscilloscope is a powerful
general-purpose tool for waveform recording and analysis.
Combining ease of use with a comprehensive range of
measurement and processing capabilities, it enables extremely
precise measurements.

The LeCroy 9400A provides 175 MHz bandwidth, 100 megasamples/sec
8-bit ADCs, ± 2 % DC accuracy (± 1 % optional), 32K memory per
channel, and up to 192K of waveform storage memory.
It is fully programmable over RS-232-C or GPIB interfaces.
Plotter drivers enable color archiving via a wide range
of digital plotters.

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LeCroy -- 9400A -- Manual del usuario
Nombre de archivo:: LeCroy-4102-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Tipo de Manual:: Manual del usuario
Páginas:: 216
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Idioma: Inglés
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Fecha: enero 1990
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MD5: 50aa0c08bb9a5ef63e88f04b0b96f33a
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LeCroy -- 9400A -- Manual de servicio
Nombre de archivo:: LeCroy-4103-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Tipo de Manual:: Manual de servicio
Páginas:: 432
Tamaño:: 13.66 Mbytes (14320484 Bytes)
Idioma: Inglés
Número de identificación:
Fecha: agosto 1990
Calidad: Documento Scaned, todo legible.
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MD5: 91b152e18a223df05746a8e7c16e76c4
Descargas: 433 desde 26 enero 2013
The present Service Manual applies to both the 9400 and
the 9400À DSOs. Both models are called 9400 when the
information applies equally to both oscilloscopes.
Where the two models have distinct features, the model
number 9400 or 9400A is explicitly stated.
The chief purpose of this manual is to provide information
for technicians, mainly authorized LeCroy repair office
personnel, who are responsible for repairs and modifications
to the LeCroy 9400/9400A DSOs.
To this end, the descriptions provided are intended to be
of sufficient depth to enable faults to be diagnosed to
the level of the relevant board, so that the customer can
be quickly supported by exchange of boards. In many cases
the fault may be corrected at the local LeCroy office,
but there are several areas of the circuitry where
replacement of a part would need to be followed by
calibration which could be done only with specialized
equipment available at the main LeCroy establishments.
Calibration procedures are given in this manual only
for those areas which could be serviced locally.
A DSO repair intervention at board exchange level
can only be done by qualified technicians who have
followed the basic 9400/9400A service training.
LeCroy also offers these courses to customers. In
addition, there is a very comprehensive 9400 Adjustment
and Calibration Software Package CALS0FT (order codes
CS01/CS02) based on the IBM PC or a compatible computer.
This software package is also available to customers,
as well as all the hardware making up the 9400 Automated
Calibration System (order code CS-S) which is used
in all LeCroy service offices to ensure full performance
of the instrument. This system provides Calibration
Certificates traceable to NBS. LeCroy also offers training
classes on DSO calibration.
This manual could be improved by the inclusion of useful
information resulting from detection and correction
of faults in 9400/9400A DSOs at any LeCroy office.
Each time a DSO is opened, an official LeCroy repair
report should be sent to LeCroy S.A., attention
Customer Service. The information is entered into
a centrally maintained DSO data base for failure
analysis and engineering feedback.
Before undertaking any work on the 9400 DSO you should
read the next sections - WARNINGS and VALID RANGE
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