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Grundig KM 6 Otro
Modelo: KM 6
Categoría: Los instrumentos de medición
Grupo: Otro
Descripción: Distortion Analyser
                                    The Distortion Analyser KM 6 is a multi-purpose instrument
for low frequency measurements in the laboratory, the
test line, for educational purposes and for use in
the hi-fi service department.
Designed for total harmonic distortion measurements in
the range 0.01% to 100% over a frequency spectrum of 10 Hz
to 100 kHz, the precision distortion factor meter is
equipped with a variable active filter for the fundamental
frequency. The alignment to the 100% reference level
as well as frequency and balance alignment take place
semi-automatically. Rapid and accurate measurements
are ensured through 12 light-emitting diodes which
indicate the alignment conditions of the 100% reference
stage, the automatic frequency and balance circuit and
which also indicate the meter range selected. The
unit contains a sensitive AF-voltmeter for the voltage
range 300 m-V ... 300 V (f. s. d.). It can also be
used as a frequency meter over the range 10 Hz ... 100 kHz.
The unit is equipped with silicon semi-conductors
and integrated circuits. In addition to a standard
bench-top version with a tilting frame, the unit is
also available in a special version for mounting into
19 inch racks.

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Grundig -- KM 6 -- Manual de servicio
Nombre de archivo:: Grundig-4003-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Tipo de Manual:: Manual de servicio
Páginas:: 28
Tamaño:: 1.85 Mbytes (1937800 Bytes)
Idioma: english,german
Número de identificación:
Calidad: Documento Scaneds, en parte leyendo mal, no parcialmente legible.
Añadir fecha:
MD5: 969df130a96b68fad25672b02abb97fb
Descargas: 257 desde 17 enero 2013
1. introduction	3
2. Specification	4
2.1 Distortion Factor Meter as per DIN 45403	4
2.2 AF Voltmeter	6
2.3 Output Potential	7
2.4 Power Supply	7
2.5 Power Consumption	7
2.6 Temperature Range	7
2.7 Dimensions	7
2.8 Weight	7
2.9 Semi-Conductor Line-up	7
3. Accessories	8
4. Description	9
4.1 Circuit Stage "100% Alignment“	10
4.2 Circuit Stage "Filter for Fundamental"	11
4.3 Circuit Stage “AF Voltmeter"	13
4.4 Circuit Stage "Frequency Control“	14
4.5 Circuit Stage "Balance Control"	15
4.6 Power Supply	16
5. Operating controls	17
6. Setting up for use	18
6,1 Mains Connection	18
6.2 Setting Up of Unit	18
6.3 Carrying Bracket	18
6.4 Zero Setting of Meter	18
6.5 Switching On	18
7. Preparations	19
7.1 Checking the Signal to Noise Ratio	19
7.2 Check of a 100% Control	19
7.3 pistortion Factor Measurements	
of Audio Generator	19
8. Applications for use	20
8.1 Measurement of Distortion Factor	20
8.2 AC Voltage Measurement	26
8.3 Frequency Measurements	26
8.4 Signal to Noise Ratio Measurements;	
Measurement of Cross-talk	26
9. Opening of unit	28
9.1 Removal of Upper Case	28
9.2 Removal of Lower Case	28
9.3 Tilting of Upper Printed Circuit	28
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